Build High Performing Teams to Maximize Impact Using JumpStart



JumpStart and TeamStart are two high impact frameworks which are useful as platforms for team development.  These processes are typically conducted in sequence with a gap in between; timing of delivery and design priorities are driven by the needs of the client.  JumpStart is usually conducted for a team that is newly created or has a new leader (or team member) on board, and is reasonably healthy (i.e., it does not suffer from a significant degree of dysfunctional behavior).



The JumpStart process is designed to bring a new team or an intact team together with a new manager to get to know each other, understand the key issues and begin to build interpersonal relationships with the new manager.

The primary focus is on letting the team members get to know the new manager quickly through a series of structured, facilitated interactions, thereby significantly accelerating the process of relationship building and team performance.  One variation of the process allows for the entry of new team members to an intact team, often conducted when a new senior member is to be integrated into a senior team.

 A series of three meetings (in person or virtual) is conducted by a facilitator over one or two days.  The team has the opportunity to share key questions and issues with the manager in a secure environment.

The manager frequently shares specifics about his/her operating style, preferences for roles, decision-making, level of involvement and other key behaviors that are critical to building a successful working relationship between the manager and the team members.