Understanding Oneself

Going to the Next Level

A one-day class for those who have completed the initial education and validation in the MBTI and want to learn more. Concepts around dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior aspects of type are included. Includes the application of the MBTI Form Q with 20 sub-scales to explore and understand functions of personality type at a greater level of depth. Useful in coaching situations for managers at all levels.

* The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator is the most powerful and widely used instrument of its type in the world. Lynn Reed is an expert in the application of the MBTI in organization, team and individual effectiveness processes.

Building Partnership with Clients

Persuasive Selling

A two-day program designed to improve the relationship-building process between the service/product provider and the client. Covers the business case for building lifetime customer relationships, a four-step model to build partnerships, communications skills, the impact of personality type on client communications, influence skills (using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI*)) and conflict resolution (using Thomas-Kilmann). Useful for anyone dealing with internal or external clients.


Communication, Problem Solving & Decision Making in Teams

A one-day program designed to improve group/team decision making skills through the application of Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. Offers dramatic improvements in: the quality of decisions produced, decision-making cycle times, and the degree of participation and buy-in to decisions in organizations. Highly effective in bridging the communication gaps associated with multi-cultural and/or remote management environments. Appropriate for all levels of professional staff and management.

Influencing Clients for Greater Impact

A one-day course designed to help individuals and / or teams understand and apply tools and techniques to improve the process of building and improving client relationships. Delegates identify specific “influence targets” (key clients or prospective clients) and leverage the MBTI to develop specific communications strategies to improve relationships with these target clients. The program is appropriate for both external and internal client relationship development.

Dynamics of Culture Change Seminar

This one and a half-day course is designed to accelerate change in organizations. This intensive, fast-paced program tackles on organizational change issues head-on, thus dramatically improving the quality of management communication and employee resiliency to change. Primary goals include clarifying the nature of change across the organization, minimizing the adverse impact of change on organization performance, and retaining key performers during the process of change. The course is appropriate for all levels of management and staff.