Team and Organization Development

Building High-Performing Teams

The key to building high-performing teams is to engage team members in the process of clarifying direction and enhancing working relationships (i.e., building trust).  This is a complex process, whether the emphasis is on developing strategy for the year(s) ahead, getting the team on track after significant organization change has taken place or taking a good team to the next level of performance.  Our process is based on the premise that active engagement leads to real commitment and superior results.

We offer proven, highly successful team development programs.  Specific client needs and priorities are often established through pre-session interviews or surveys (using quantitative and qualitative methods).  We frequently recommend the application of powerful personality assessment instruments to help team members better understand how they and other team members prefer to interact and communicate, make decisions and deal with conflict.

We have focused on diverse populations at all levels of management in cross-cultural, multi-national settings (USA, UK / Europe, Asia / Pacific).  Drawing upon 30 years’ experience in the field, we customize our approach to directly address our clients’ needs in order to maximize team and organization performance.

Our group dynamics skills are second to none, combining our vast experience, bottom-line focus and strong sense of humor to produce results.  Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Develop Your Leaders and Managers

Leadership and Management Development (Team and Executive coaching)

Lynn Reed Associates offers a wide range of proven management and leadership development programs designed to build, develop and refine core and advanced management and leadership skills. These programs prepare managers and professionals at all levels to excel at leading at the individual, team and organization levels.

Through the LRA Leadership Institute, Lynn Reed Associates offers an array of superb, “off the shelf” executive development and management skills training programs, seminars and courses. Based on our 30 years’ experience in teaching and applying these skills, we have identified several core competencies critical to the development of high-performing managers and leaders in organizations around the world. These programs build, develop, and refine these critical skills, allowing leaders and managers to excel at the individual, team and organization levels.

Our programs range from one-on-one executive coaching to middle and senior management programs to the intensive Senior Executive Boot Camp (“Advanced Business Skills”) – one of the most successful programs of it’s type in the world by any measure.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in these areas – you will not be disappointed.

Driving Innovation to the Next Level

Unleashing the Creative Energy in Your People

Awakening the creativity in any firm’s workforce leads to exciting innovations in product, marketing and support functions, and innovation is now arguably the most critical differentiating factor in achieving real competitive advantage.  We have found that two critical success factors drive innovation in an organization:

  1. Developing creating thinking skills, and
  2. Creating a culture that encourages innovative thinking.

The latter of the two is the more difficult in our experience.

Many creative thinking “experts” offer what we consider to be “descriptive innovation“.  By that, we mean they do a good job of explaining why creativity is important and providing examples of innovative firms (in hindsight) along with examples of their innovations.  In other words, they state the obvious in an exciting manner – but little more.

A far more difficult and complex challenge is to instill “operational innovation” – to help an organization, in fact, to become more creative by actually changing the way people and, therefore, the organization itself, thinks.  This is what truly transforms a firm for the better.

Our proven programs in Parallel Thinking (The Six Thinking Hats) and Lateral Thinking provide the skills and establish an environment that not only encourages but frequently ignites a culture of real innovation – both in breakthrough thinking and in continuous improvements.

These techniques, developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, are time-tested and proven across industries around the globe.  Lynn Reed has the honor of having been certified by Dr. de Bono himself.  Lynn has helped several large, multi-national organizations implement these techniques at all levels, from graduate trainees to the Board of Directors.  He is a Master Trainer with a wealth of experience of both in teaching and applying these methods.

Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats are built into our elite Executive Boot Camp (“Advanced Business Skills”), a program that leverages action learning to tackling “real work” challenges and develop actionable solutions to address these challenges.

Professional Development

Building Exceptional Communication, Relationship and Influence Skills

A fundamental key to personal and organizational success is and always has been the ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships.  Although technology and social media do much to facilitate these interactions, they have not diminished the necessity for and power of direct person-to-person contact – and it is here that effective communication, influence and relationship-building skills – both internal and external – can make or break a team, a project, an organization or even a career.

Our expertise in helping people develop and strengthen these essential interpersonal skills is second to none.  We teach, coach and apply techniques such as The 7 Triggers to Yes, the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0), DiSC, Herrmann Brain Dominance, Social Styles and others to help participants better understand both themselves and others, giving them practical tools and knowledge to communicate effectively, to build mutually beneficial relationships, to influence constructively and to resolve conflict professionally.

We offer these techniques through both one-on-one Executive Coaching and classroom programs.  Participants are actively engaged throughout the process, optimizing the learning experience and ensuring future success.  Sales and marketing professionals often state that the tools and training we provide directly increases their bottom line.

Next Generation

Creating Competitive Advantage for Millenials

Based on our extensive experience designing and delivering programs targeted to graduate trainees, we are offering to share this expertise with college-level millennials prior to entering the professional working environment.

Our open enrollment process provides a series of structured training modules to give millennial-generation participants a true competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Please contact us directly regarding program availability and scheduling.  Spaces are filling up fast in these popular programs.

* Lynn Reed Associates has delivered highly successful graduate programs (U.S. and Europe) to JP Morgan, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, ING Bank, Astoria Federal Savings and TIAA.

Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

Building a Better Community is Part of Our DNA

We have had the privilege of providing support for a wide cross-section of non-profit service and charitable groups as well as organizations dedicated to the needs of minorites and the disadvantaged over the 20 plus years we have been in business.  Among these organizations are:

  • Year-Up
  • New England School for Science and Sailing (NESS)
  • Women of Wall Street / Rising Star programs
  • The YMCA
  • Masonic Leadership Conferences
  • School Boards, Churches and Sororities

We frequently help non-profit leadership teams and their highly committed professionals apply powerful communication and decision-making techniques often available only to major for-profit organizations.  These tools and processes can have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness with which these organizations operate – increasing the likelihood that they will accomplish their key objectives.  We take particular satisfaction in working with organizations having limited resources.

If you are aware of an organization that might benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.