Meet Lynn Reed

Lynn has extensive experience developing and implementing strategies to improve individual and team performance, and raise the productivity of your organization. Learn more about him here.

Solve Problems Creatively

At our core, we offer a series of outstanding programs and workshops that enhance leadership skills and expand the very way people think. Our programs are designed to not only cover the "what" and the "how," but also the "why". It is that "why" that differentiates us by getting people's attention and motivating them to want to learn and apply new concepts.

Develop Your Team

We are masters at developing high performing teams in cross-functional, cross-locational, multi-cultural and multi-national environments on a global basis. We have helped organizations to become more productive, to function more smoothly and to change the culture of their organization for the better.

Develop Leaders

We believe that our clients' people are already capable of developing and delivering solutions to the firm's problems, but lack the time, tools, or skills to do so. We provide those tools and skills in a fun, engaging fashion, better positioning our clients to drive their organizations to ever-higher levels of performance and success.

Managing Directors of Global Financial Institutions Have Commented

“…the Executive Bootcamp program will be transformational to you in your career….it will change the way you think, making you a real leader…”
“The techniques we applied (from the Advanced Business Skills program) took our business to a new level….”
“…the Course in Creative Thinking changed my life…”

But what really sets us apart is our unique style of delivery. Participants stay thoroughly engaged from the first moment to the last. We achieve this by combining:

  • Rapid Pace

  • High Energy Level

  • Bottom Line Focus

  • A Strong Sense of Humor

The result is an unparalleled, and truly effective, learning experience.

Sampling of Services

Executive Coaching

Creating Top Performing Executives

When it comes to building high performing top talent, we have the knowledge, techniques and experience to provide critical support to your future leaders.  The “critical flaw” that holds many potential senior leaders back is not about their business acumen, product knowledge or other “hard skills”.

Research has proven time and again that the ability to build relationships across the organization and vertically, coupled with a high degree of competency in the area of cognitive complexity (dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity, valuing differences, creativity and system complexity) are the most frequently occurring areas of deficiency holding key executives back – preventing them from moving up to the next level.

Using a highly interactive approach, leveraging key leadership development and psychometric instruments as appropriate, our coaching approach will get your HIPO leaders back on the fast track to the top.

Keynote Addresses

Inform, Motivate, Inspire

Lynn Reed Associates delivers outstanding keynote speeches, each one designed to inform, motivate, inspire and set the stage for whatever meetings or tasks are to follow. All our presentations are designed to drive home a serious message in as captivating and light-hearted manner as appropriate. Standing ovations are not uncommon. Recent topics of interest among our client base include:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Customer Focus
  • Motivation and Commitment
  • Sales and Influencing Clients

Clients possessing their own keynote address material may be interested in leveraging our truly outstanding presentation delivery skills.  A sampling of our keynote address clients includes:

  • The World Bank
  • Columbia University, Teachers College
  • Masonic Leadership Conferences
  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
  • University of Pennsylvania, STEM Graduate Schools Professors
  • The YMCA Leadership Conference

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