"Our passion is contagious!"

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Oprah Winfrey

Welcome!  We are passionate about helping you, your people, your teams and your organization – and we’re really good at it too!  We specialize in developing high-performing teams and exceptional leaders, managers and individual contributors around the world (20 countries and counting!).

Our research-driven expertise and real-life application experience in building foundational and advanced leadership capabilities in the areas of: critical and creative thinking, communication, problem-solving, influence and change leadership are second to none.  We take a pragmatic, performance-driven approach every step of the way.  Of course, our competition is likely to say the same things. So, what is it that makes us different?

It is our unique style of delivery – our passion – that truly sets us apart – both in person and virtually.  We offer fast-paced, highly interactive, bottom-line focused, fun-filled experiences in the classroom and via virtual instructor-led training (VILT).  We break a lot of rules touted by the “experts” – especially with virtual delivery – thus producing dramatic levels of engagement, inclusion and commitment to follow through.

Best of all, we love what we do…and it shows!!

“One of the most engaging and thought provoking trainers I have worked with!”  Senior Executive at TIAA

Develop Extraordinary Leaders

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in their leader.  A great leader inspires people to  have confidence in themselves.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

We provide your leaders - both new and seasoned (up to and including C-level) - with the skills they need to fine-tune their leadership styles and to propel them to ever-higher levels of performance. We offer development in motivational methods, goal-setting, feedback skills, coaching techniques, decision-making, effective communication and thinking skills - all of which equip your leaders with the interpersonal and cognitive skills to perform at a whole new level in a rapidly changing business environment.

Build High-Performing Teams

“Talent wins games, but teams and intelligence win championships.”  Michael Jordan

Utilizing a broad range of leadership and behavioral assessments coupled with the application of research-driven models of team and organization effectiveness, we help organizations to become dramatically more productive. We are masters at clarifying strategic and tactical direction, developing superior working relationships within and across teams and developing high-performing teams in cross-functional, multi-cultural and multi-national environments. These high-performing teams create a level of cohesion across the organization capable of producing superior results.

Build A Change Adaptive Organization

“Change is good.  You go first.”  Dilbert (Scott Adams)

Organizations facing market upheaval - downsizing, reorganizations, market downturns, working remotely, etc. - often find that dramatic change can severely impact morale and, therefore, productivity and retention. We are experts at helping organizations clarify direction, overcome resistance, and accelerate through change - thus reestablishing a trajectory for success.

Six thinking hats and lateral thinking programs photo. This displays all of the six thinking hats: the blue hat for "managing the thinking", the yellow hat for "benefits and feasibility", the white hat for "facts and information", the black hat for "barriers and caution", the red hat for "intuition and feelngs", the green hat for "creativity". These are all displayed underneath the words. "six thinking hats"
Six Thinking Hats
An image showing what "lateral thinking" looks like when put into practice for analytical thinking.
Creativity / Lateral Thinking
Situational Leadership
Situational Leadership
Emotional intelligence EQ test including self-expression, self-perception, decision making, interpersonal, stress management.
Emotional Intelligence
Logo for the 7 triggers to yes, a toolbox program for executive coaching and leadership development. Powered with persuasive neuroscience, the 7 triggers to yes courses teach people to sell.
7 Triggers to Yes