“Leadership is difficult because there is no one to follow.” Anonymous

We offer a wide range of the best management and leadership development programs proven to instill, develop and refine core and advanced management and leadership skills.  We equip managers and professionals at all levels – from trainee to corporate office – with the skill sets they need to excel at leading – be it at the individual, team, division or global organization levels.

We believe that leadership is a combination of science and art.  The best leaders have mastered both.  While academics may define the scientific aspects very well, their perspective tends to be from the outside looking in.  We have spent many years on the inside developing a deep understanding of how to apply the various aspects of leadership and management successfully – the “art”.  It is the art of leadership that differentiates the good from the great.

We have over 30 years’ experience developing highly motivated / high potential managers and leaders to master the competencies necessary to perform at exceptional levels.  These competencies include foundational elements such as motivating people, goal-setting, providing useful feedback, coaching and problem-solving.  Going beyond the foundational elements, we offer development of expertise in setting strategic direction, influence and persuasion skills, relationship-building, parallel and lateral thinking and other advanced business methods.

We offer an array of superb executive and management development programs – available as standalone or integrated “off the shelf” modules that can be tailored to meet client-specific needs.  We also offer complete, custom-designed programs if necessary.  All leadership development programs can be delivered either in-person or virtually, around the world accommodating local time zones.

Executive Boot Camp for Leadership Management Development Training

A highly intensive five-day program designed to build capabilities in the areas of strategy development, critical thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, communications and group dynamics. This powerful, much lauded program Includes the full Six Thinking Hats (Parallel Thinking) and the full Lateral Thinking (Creativity) programs, as well as an “action learning” component (i.e. the application of program tools and techniques to real business issues in real time), frequently leading to real solutions with a positive impact on the bottom-line for the firm. Equally important is the value of the shared networking experience that develops relationships that can last a lifetime.

The target audience for this program includes high-potential leaders and managers at senior and middle levels.  We have delivered this program at one of the largest, most successful global banking organizations in the world for over 20 years. It has been one of the top rated programs in the firm the entire time.  We tailor the content to address the client firm’s key objectives and priorities.  The program can be delivered virtually and modularized, if necessary.

Leadership and Management Foundational & Advanced Skills

A series of standalone leadership and management development modules that can be combined to create a program meeting the exact needs of the client.  Available modules cover topics such as: motivational theory, goal-setting, feedback, coaching, group dynamics, relationship-building, emotional intelligence, creativity and much, much more. Our Leadership Management Development Training Course was developed based on research by professionals in the field to help you develop the skills needed by managers and other leaders in the field.

Leadership Selling, Persuasion & Influence Skills

Neuroscience has demonstrated that people respond to emotional cues at a subconscious level before filtering information to the conscious part of the mind for “rational decision-making”.  With the new technology of real-time brain imaging, scientists have been able to pinpoint seven internal triggers that are key to influence and persuasion.   Learning to activate these triggers can make anyone a truly masterful persuader.

Business Management Leadership Development Program

Often executives know they want to offer a leadership development program to their high level business managers but they wonder what should be included in that leadership development program. A good leadership development program should offer modules that are important for business management success including training in the following skills:

  • Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Creative Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Influence or Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Communication

Are Business Management Leadership Development Programs Worthwhile?

Executives also wonder if leadership development programs are worth the time and expense. The best way to measure whether a program is worthwhile is to create tangible, measurable goals for the outcome of the program. If your company knows the business outcome that the course should contribute to, then you can work with the course developer to deliver course material that is designed to deliver the desired outcome.

Looking for a Leadership and Management Development Programme in the UK or on the Continent?

Lynn Reed is happy to work with you to create a virtual customized leadership development programme and deliver in local time, or will happily make the trip to deliver in-person training. Lynn spent five years in the London Office of JP Morgan as the Head of Leadership and Organizational Development in Europe. He has delivered programs in over 20 countries around the world and understands the cultural nuances of global training.