Innovation and Thinking Skills

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Albert Einstein

Awakening the creativity in any firm’s workforce leads to exciting innovation in product, marketing and support functions, and innovation is now arguably the most critical differentiating factor in achieving real competitive advantage.  Many creative thinking “experts” offer what we consider to be “descriptive innovation“.  By that, we mean they do a good job of explaining why creativity is important and providing examples of innovative firms (in hindsight) along with examples of their creative ideas.  In other words, they state the obvious in an exciting manner – but little more.

Instilling Innovation to Unleash Creativity

A far more difficult challenge is to instill “operational innovation” – the process by which an organization unleashes innovation by improving the way its people and, therefore, the organization itself thinks.  This is what truly transforms a firm.  This is what we do.

Our proven programs in the Six Thinking Hats (Parallel Thinking – see below) and Lateral Thinking (Creativity – see below) provide the skills and establish an environment that not only encourages but often ignites real innovation – including both breakthrough thinking and continuous improvement initiatives.

These techniques, developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, are time-tested and proven across industries and around the globe. Lynn Reed has the honor of having been certified by Dr. de Bono himself. Lynn has helped many large, multi-national organizations by using this creative thinking program and implementing these techniques at all levels, from graduate trainees to the Board of Directors. He is a Master Trainer with a wealth of experience both in teaching and applying these methods.

Six Thinking Hats (Parallel Thinking)

A one-day course designed to teach the techniques developed by Dr. Edward de Bono to radically improve the way individuals and groups think, communicate, engage and make decisions. The Six Thinking Hats method introduces a common language which enables parallel thinking across the organization which, in turn:

  • Produces extraordinary improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings;
  • Dramatically enhances the quality of communication and engagement in multi-cultural environments;
  • Leads to the creation of a culture of creative thinking throughout the firm;
  • Offsets natural human pessimism by enabling balanced optimism for group members

Appropriate for all levels of professional staff and management up through and including the C-suite and board of directors.

Lateral Thinking Course (Creativity)

Lateral Thinking was created by Dr. Edward de Bono, one of the world’s leading experts in creative thinking methods.  The powerful tools and techniques offered in this one or two-day seminar are designed to dramatically  increase the idea-generating capabilities of course participants – to increase the scope and speed of their thinking.

The seminar is appropriate for people of all management and professional levels; it may be run for intact teams or as an open course.  The basic program (one day) covers the Focus, Challenge, Random Entry and Concept Extraction techniques. The extended course (two days) also covers Harvesting, Assessment, Treatment, and Provocation – the most complex, yet powerful, of the Lateral Thinking tools – and allows for more time to apply the concepts to real business issues.

Note that the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking programs may be combined into the two-day Course in Creativity which can extended to include a third day of facilitated application of the techniques to address business challenges in real time.

Executive Boot Camp – Creative Thinking Program

A highly, intensive five-day course to improve skills in areas of strategy development, critical thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, communications and group dynamics. This powerful, much lauded program Includes full Six Thinking Hats (Parallel Thinking) and the full Lateral Thinking (Creativity) programs, and an “action learning” component (i.e. the application of program tools and techniques to real business issues in real time). The target audience for this program includes high-potential leaders and managers at middle to senior levels. We have delivered this program at one of the largest, most successful global banking organizations in the world for over 20 years. Content can be tailored to address the client firm’s key objectives and priorities.

Why Choose Lynn Reed Associates as Your Creative Thinking Program or Lateral Thinking Course

Our Creative Thinking Program or Lateral Thinking Course provides the skills and establishes an environment for breakthrough thinking and continuous improvement that is often missing in large companies. If you are looking for a competitive edge that innovation in product, marketing, and support functions can provide, you’ll benefit from our Creative Thinking Program and Lateral Thinking Course. “Creative thinking never goes to waste”. Enroll now!!