Creativity (Lateral Thinking)

Driving Innovation with Lateral Thinking

Overview of Our Lateral Thinking Training Program Based on Edward de Bono’s Tools

Given the accelerating pace of change in the world, tools to improve Lateral Thinking (Creativity) are becoming more and more critical to success. Historically, managers and professionals have been trained to plan, organize and control work processes with the objective of improving efficiency and effectiveness – very little energy has been focused on improving creative thinking skills. Lateral Thinking, created by one of the world’s leading experts in creative thinking methods – Dr. Edward de Bono – offers tools and techniques that, when applied, actually increase both the ability to think creatively and the velocity of thought.

Content in Our Lateral Thinking Training Program

Lateral Thinking techniques have been applied many times with great success in both revenue generating and support functions to solve real problems by providing a structured approach to help people really “think outside the box”. Lateral Thinking (Creativity) tools are frequently used to generate ideas to improve organization performance, to enhance retention of key employees and to improve productivity and organization performance.

Specific Lateral Thinking techniques covered in the course are:

  • Focus
  • Challenge
  • Random Entry
  • Concept Extraction
  • Provocation and Movement
  • Harvesting
  • Treatment and Assessment


An image showing what "lateral thinking" looks like when put into practice for analytical thinking.

Edward de Beono’s Lateral Thinking Techniques Can be Used to Generate Ideas to:

  • Improve organization performance
  • Develop new, breakthrough product ideas
  • Enhance retention of key employees
  • Develop innovative solutions to problems
  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance the quality of communication

Lateral Thinking  is frequently combined with the Six Thinking Hats course to form the Course in Creativity.  This program can be expanded to include facilitated application for intact project and process improvement teams.

Lateral Thinking is available:

  • as a standalone course
  • combined with the Six Thinking Hats course to form the Course in Creativity
  • as part of the  Executive Boot Camp program
  • as an instructor-led workshop allowing organizations to apply the tools to key issues without participants having to go through formal training in the methods.

Lynn Reed was certified by Dr. de Bono himself to teach both Lateral Thinking and the Six Thinking Hats, and is a qualified Master Trainer in both techniques.