Meeting Facilitation Services

The Six Thinking Hats (Parallel Thinking) course is a one-day program designed to teach the method developed by Dr. Edward de Bono to improve radically the way individuals and groups think, communicate and engage.  Six Thinking Hats (STH) introduces a common language which enables parallel thinking across the organization leading to exceptional improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, along with the countless other benefits that come

Executive Boot Camp

The Executive Boot camp is a five-day program is designed to provide high potential delegates at any level in the organization with thinking skills, processes and frameworks for developing business strategy, solving problems, making decisions, leveraging creative thinking and improving communication.  Research shows that these skills are among the key differentiates for successful (and unsuccessful) business leaders around the world.

The course introduces a common language and a client-driven approach to achieve the objectives of the program.  Due to the intensive and demanding nature of the program, it is conducted either as a residential (or onsite) course or virtually in a series of modules with inter-module “homework” conducted in teams.  The Executive Boot Camp is not for everybody – it is a “boot camp” for high-potential middle and senior level leaders – the experience is both demanding and highly rewarding.