Team Start

A two-day process to define and clarify the mission, vision, value proposition, goals, strategy, roles, processes and relationships for newly formed or intact teams; the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is utilized to significantly enhance the quality of working relationships across the team.

Team Start is frequently employed to develop strategic direction for an organization or to help accelerate a major transformation, starting with the senior management team. This process can be extended as a large group intervention to cover several hundred members as required.

Jump Start

A one-day structured session to accelerate the integration of a new manager and an intact or newly formed team, dramatically improving team performance as a result. Can also be applied to integrate new team members to an existing team. Should be conducted within 3 – 4 weeks of the new manager’s arrival.

High Impact Team Effectiveness

A one-day seminar leveraging the unique strengths of the MBTI to help team members improve interpersonal relationships by increasing knowledge of personality type and the role it plays in the relationship development process. Participants develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and potential blind spots and learn to spot type in others in order to improve their interaction skills. Useful for improving influence skills with clients, managers, subordinates, team members and others throughout the organization.

Work Smart

A multi-day team-oriented problem solving session with a specific focus (ex – “reduce development cycle time by 40 %”). Employs creative thinking tools to help get participants outside the box to generate breakthrough solutions to current problems and challenges.

The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator is the most powerful and widely used instrument of its type in the world. Lynn Reed is an expert in the application of the MBTI in organization, team and individual effectiveness processes.

Group and Team Interventions

Sometimes groups and/or teams develop interpersonal problems, problems so serious that the work environment becomes uncomfortable, or even untenable, and productivity is negatively impacted. Working with groups and/or teams in crisis requires a very special skill set. Although every intervention is unique and must be dealt with accordingly, we have handled many critical, highly sensitive situations over the years and are masters at creating a safe, yet controlled forum for drawing out and dealing with even the toughest of issues. Rest assured that we treat all such events with sensitivity, professionalism and confidence.