“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.” Dale Carnegie

Emotional intelligence EQ test including self-expression, self-perception, decision making, interpersonal, stress management.

Our Emotional Intelligence Course (EQi)

Is a collection of composites comprising our emotional and social functioning and general psychological well-being – it is composed of elements that can change and be altered. EQi differs from IQ in significant ways: IQ is static over the course of one’s life. EQi is dynamic – it can be improved.

Research has demonstrated that Emotional Intelligence is a key differentiating factor in terms of who moves up in an organization and who does not. It has been said: “IQ is a pretty good indicator of who gets the job. EQi is a better indicator of who keeps the job and gets promoted”.

Lynn Reed is also certified to administer the EQ-i 360 assessment, most frequently applied in executive coaching situations.

EQI Training Course Specifics

This one-day workshop is designed to be delivered to intact teams, team leaders, and individual contributors to help them understand and apply the concept of Emotional Intelligence in order to enhance the process of building and improving communications and working relationships across and beyond the members of a team. The course is highly interactive and delivered at a rapid pace. Profiles can be created to guide thinking for optimal performance in certain roles, for hiring, mobility, and promotion.

How to Apply EQ-i 2.0 from our Emotional Intelligence Course

Build emotional intelligence in your employees for better engagement with their teams by building confidence and showing them their strengths and weaknesses.

Build emotional intelligence in your managers so that they are better team leaders.

Build emotional intelligence in your sales force so that they can close more deals.

Improve your manager’s ability to coach by providing them with the EQ-i necessary to better interact and provide feedback.

Help employees succeed by using EQ-i as a development and feedback tool.