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Developing Highly Effective Teams – TeamStart


Overview of our Team Development Training Course – TeamStart

The key to building High-Performing Teams is to engage team members in the process of clarifying direction and building working relationships to ensure that teamwork is optimized. This is a complex process, useful for developing strategy for the upcoming year or getting a team / organization on the right track after major changes have taken place. The process is based on the assertion that active engagement leads to commitment and results.

Process for Developing Highly Effective Teams

The program to build a high-performing team (TeamStart) is a two-day process to define and clarify mission, vision, value proposition, goals, strategy, roles, processes and relationships for newly formed or intact teams.  We employ a model of Team Effectiveness to diagnose and develop high-performing teams.  We dramatically improve the quality of working relationships across the team by using the the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to highlight and provide insights into members’ communication and decision-making preferences.

The TeamStart process is frequently employed to help a team or organization maximize performance following a major organization change, to create alignment for the year ahead or to help accelerate a major transformation, starting with the senior management team.  This process can be extended as a large group intervention to cover several hundred members, as required.

Team Development Training Helps Optimize Performance of Teams

Sometimes groups and/or teams develop interpersonal problems, problems so serious that the work environment becomes uncomfortable, or even untenable, and productivity is negatively impacted. Working with groups and/or teams in crisis requires a very special skill set. Although every intervention is unique and must be dealt with accordingly, we have handled many critical, highly sensitive situations over the years and are masters at creating a safe, yet controlled forum for drawing out and dealing with even the toughest of issues. Rest assured: we treat all such events with sensitivity, professionalism and discretion.

  • Development of a clear Value Proposition for the team (Mission) and a high-level direction (Vision)
  • Assessment of the current reality
  • Establishment of clear SMART stretch goals and formulation of initial strategy
  • Role clarification as required
  • Processes designed to improve the quality of interpersonal relationships (decision making, communication, conflict management, etc.)
  • Development of trust across team

Participation can range from a manager and her/his direct reports to an extended team session of 50+ department members if desired (a “large group intervention” process). TeamStart is designed to be flexible – focusing on organization transformation, strategy development, role clarification, creative thinking, dealing with change or other management topics. It is frequently run as a phased process to engage additional team members across the firm.

A pre-session survey is usually conducted to help guide the development of the agenda. The Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is often utilized to improve understanding of the team members’ personality types, diverse operating styles, communications and decision making preferences, etc. Follow up work is designed to maintain momentum over time.

Lynn Reed’s delivery approach uses clear examples and humor to make the program come alive and get people to relax about subject matter that some may initially view as somewhat sensitive. He developed expertise in the application of the MBTI (basic and advanced techniques) under the guidance of one of the most recognized MBTI experts in the world.

Lynn has extensive experience in conducting this program with cross-functional, multi-national teams on a global basis with excellent results. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact him directly – you will not be disappointed.

Why choose Lynn Reed Associates for Your Team Development Training Course

Our Team Development Training Course is designed to keep teams on track – particularly during organizational change. TeamStart is used in Developing Highly Effective Teams. Our Team Development Training Course is tailored to your needs. Enroll now!!