Leadership & Management Foundational & Advanced SKillsills


Since our clients have differing development needs, we offer a series of proven, standalone leadership and management foundational and advanced skills development modules that can be easily combined to create a program which meets the exact needs of the client, both in content and duration.  We offer modules covering capabilities and frameworks for developing business strategy, solving problems, making decisions, leveraging creative thinking and improving communication.  Research shows that these skills are key to successful business leadership.   Modules include:

Sample Program

An example of a typical two-day program focused on leading a team might cover leadership and management foundational and advanced skills such as motivational theory, team effectiveness processes, establishing performance and developmental goals, performance management (feedback), and coaching through the Situational Leadership.  Managers examine their leadership style and blind spots using a diagnostic self-assessment instrument, and develop more flexibility and effectiveness in managing and developing their people. The program uses the advanced Myers-Briggs Type Indicator “Step II” to improve managers’ communication and relationship building skills with their team members and key “influence targets”.