“Leadership is not about you.  It’s about investing in the growth of others.” Ken Blanchard

The ability to coach and develop people is one of the most valuable competencies a leader can possess – and the Situational Leadership model (SLII) is one of the best methods available to develop people. Situational Leadership was developed by Ken Blanchard – author of the “One Minute Manager”. It provides a framework designed to significantly improve the effectiveness of coaching , and therefore developing people, to become high performing team members.

Our Situational Leadership Program Produces Repeatable Results

This intensive, fast-paced program teaches managers how to assess each employee’s developmental level on each major task or goal for which they are responsibly using the Situational Leadership model. Given the employee’s degree of competence in and commitment to the task, the manager adapts his or her style to maximize the effectiveness of the coaching interaction. For example, on any given task, the manager’s approach to the coaching situation might emphasize “directing”, “coaching”, “supporting” or “delegating” behavior. Some managers do this naturally – many do not and very few do so with a high level of flexibility and effectiveness.

Learning to Apply the Situational Leadership Diagnostics for Flexible Management

Managers examine their preferences – and blind spots – using the SLII diagnostic self-assessment instrument and use the insights gained to develop better style flexibility and effectiveness in managing and developing people.

When applied properly in the workplace, staff members become more motivated and rapidly develop higher levels of performance based on their manager’s coaching skills through SLII.
Situational Leadership is available as a standalone program or included in the Leadership & Management Foundational and Advanced Skills program.

Why Choose Lynn Reed Associates for Your Situational Leadership Training Program

Our Situational Leadership Training Program is based around Ken Blanchard’s proven techniques in situational leadership. Our Situational Leadership Training Program will help your managers decide the right style of management to use in any given situation, from directing, coaching, supporting or delegating. Improve your leadership. Enroll now!!