Meeting Facilitation Services

The Six Thinking Hats (Parallel Thinking) course is a one-day program designed to teach the method developed by Dr. Edward de Bono to improve radically the way individuals and groups think, communicate and engage.  Six Thinking Hats (STH) introduces a common language which enables parallel thinking across the organization leading to exceptional improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, along with the countless other benefits that come



The JumpStart  process is designed to bring a new team or an intact team together with a new manager to get to know each other, understand the key issues and begin to build interpersonal relationships with the new manager. The primary focus is on letting the team members get to know the new manager quickly through a series of structured, facilitated interactions, thereby significantly accelerating the process of relationship building and team performance.

Building High-PerfomringTeams

Team Development Training Courses – TeamStart

The key to building High Performing Teams is to engage team members in the process of clarifying direction and building working relationships to ensure that teamwork is optimized. This is a complex process, useful for developing strategy for the upcoming year or getting a team / organization on the right track after major changes have taken place. The process is based on the assertion that active engagement leads to commitment and results.